Summary March 2015

First month with this blog is over. I would like to thank your support and your contributions, that are always welcome. Thanks everybody. If you haven´t had enough time or you have missed some posts, I introduce you March´s posts. You only have to click on the links.

¡Enjoy them again!

I know that most of them are now in Spanish. Anyway, I would try to write sometimes in English so check often the blog. Maybe you find some nice posts, videos, music or articles. You´re always welcome. Registered & Protected  KJ5N-QFW1-2MPR-KUZL

Acerca de Paula Psicóloga

Psicóloga clínica sanitaria y profesional de los recursos humanos. Especialista en inteligencia emocional, gestión de emociones y ansiedad. Fundadora y autora en Moonlight Psychology. Ver todas las entradas de Paula Psicóloga

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