Summary April: Moonlight psychology

April is over. I have to thank you!! Every visit, every click…make me happier with this nice experience. Here you have April´s posts in Moonlight Psychology.

You are welcome!!!!!

  1. ¡Feliz Miércoles! We begin Wednesday with a big smile. Happy Wednesday!!
  2. Día del autismo: 2nd April we celebrate Autism Day.
  3. Cerebro autista y no autista: Here you can find a nice article about autism brain.
  4. La depresión….a distancia: New treatment in Galicia (Spain) related to depression. Is it a good treatment?
  5. Helicópteros, Apisonadoras y otros Guardaespaldas: I introduce you different kind of parents.
  6. Una de películas: Still Alice: Oscar film and Alzheimer both in the same post.
  7. Congreso Psicología clínica: Clinical Psychology Congress in Granada (Spain)
  8. Contra la esclavitud infantil: We remember Iqbal Masih.
  9. Una de cortos: Brain divided: Funny short film about behavior in a date and how emotions sometimes works.
  10. Pasarela de delgadez: Catwalk,  models and anorexia.
  11. ¡A leer! es el día del libro El 23 de Abril celebramos el día del libro.
  12. El niño y la rabia..o la rabieta: children´s paddy. When a small child turn us angry.
  13. Hay salida a la violencia de género: New advert against gender violence.
  14. Aprendiendo a respirar: la respiración abdominal (parte 1): We are going to learn how to breath, how to relax ourselves….

Maybe it´s the first time you click on this blog. If you have missed something, here you have March´s posts. Mes de Marzo Registered & Protected  KJ5N-QFW1-2MPR-KUZL


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